HEALTH & SAFETY Consultancy

Risk Identification, risk assessment and risk control

How systematic and robust are your organisations processes for risk identification, assessment and control?  Are these processes functioning effectively throughout your organisation, and are risks being managed as per organisational expectations?  Are risk registers appropriately populated and are risk controls implemented and effective?  This review will look at these processes across your organisation and make recommendations which will lead to a more robust and effective risk management process.

Review of risk assessment processes; do you have a robust systematic process in place for the management of risks within the organisation?

Equipment management safety review

Equipment management is complex; many organisations have multiple pieces of equipment, many of which need maintaining or servicing at pre determined intervals.  Does your organisation know what equipment it owns, and can you be assured all pieces of equipment are serviced?  This review will look at your equipment management system and provide an exception report which will aid continual improvement.

Managing equipment can be complex in a healthcare environment. How assured are you that your equipment is maintained, serviced and that your staff are trained appropriately?

Bespoke health and safety consultancy*

Also See Workplace Health and Safety Standards and Health and Safety training.

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Behind the scenes

Non clinical risk review; systems and processes in estates and facilities management.

Non clinical arrangements are often overlooked in reviews, yet are essential in the running of a safe and efficient healthcare environment.